Royal Pets Paradise(RPP) | Since 1998

Royal Pets Paradise (RPP) was established in 1998. Our passion for animals has allowed us to embark on this journey without hesitation, although it has not been an easy decision. Our principle of grooming is, "Your Pet's Beauty is Our Pride!!!"

In RPP, grooming isn't just a textbook or robotic process, but is a process that cultivates Love, Care and Understanding of each individual furry kids’ needs. Our Friendship and Bonding with your furry baby will allow the grooming session to progress to an even further extent, and this is why we love our job so much.

Our objective at RPP is to serve you with pride, honesty, understanding and knowledge and we strive to provide an unforgettable experience for your little furry kid. And that, makes us more than just a grooming salon.

Our Team